Jonathan Khadine

What are you studying?

Medicine with Intercalated BSc

What Clubs, Societies or Sports teams are you involved in?

Music Society, where I have been secretary for two years now. Kendo Club (UCL) and Harry Potter Society (Student Central), where I am vice president. Boat Club (formerly). Game Society (formerly), where I was social secretary for one year. Tooting Show (formerly).

What are your personal interests?

I have a strong personal interest in medicine, particularly neurology, where I intend to specialise. I am passionate about teaching (for which DR has been great) and I have a longstanding interest in computer science, beginning with an IT work placement, building my own computer and doing basic 3D modelling. Recently, I have taken up programming and have some experience in both web and game development.

I have inherited my father's passion for cars and motorsport, with a particular interest in rally driving, and will (fingers crossed) be passing my practical test first time in a couple months, just like the old man. I have participated in choirs and a capella groups, performing with groups, bands and solo with my school, university and the occasional small event. Beyond singing, I am a fan of electronic dance music, and as such my band covers EDM tracks. 

Martial arts hold a special relevance to me, and I have practised kendo for two years.

I am also a gamer, and I'm knowledgeable about a variety of mainstream genres, so that's cool.

Why did you apply for this job?

Through my first two years at university, my family has been in financial dire straits (no longer an issue, thankfully). There were points in my second and third year where I thought I might be in real trouble, and each time I was reassured to know that if worst came to worst, there were safety nets in place, including the hardship fund.

There has never been a time at this university where I have felt that I cannot get support if I need it, whether that be academic, financial or psychological. Though I have not yet needed these resources, I will do whatever I can to ensure they remain available for everyone. Whether that comes in the form of donating myself once I have graduated, or helping in the fundraising campaign, I wish to do my part.

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