For over 250 years St George's has set the agenda in health.

Always seeking to bolster the value we add, over the next few years we plan to expand our teaching, increase our research impact on global healthcare issues and be as relevant to our community in South West London as to communities in the developing world. With your support, we can strengthen and sustain our transformational work.

During this new dynamic and exciting period of growth, we invite our alumni and friends to support us on our journey. Whilst we strive to cater to all the needs of our students, as a small institution financial constraints require that we prioritise the areas of greatest need. By raising additional funds to supplement the core funding we receive from tuition fees and government grants, we are able to develop and improve our offer to students and ensure that St George's continues to be able to provide the all-round higher education experience that we strive towards as an institution. 100% of alumni donations are directed towards student causes and creating a real impact in the lives of our students.



Last Updated: Friday, 02 March 2018 14:52