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The PhTea Break podcast is a new creation from the PhD community at St George’s University of London. In each episode members of the community discuss their research projects with a non-scientific audience in mind, and share their experiences of being a PhD student.

PhTea Break Podcast Episode 2: Nathan Simpson

In the next episode of PhTea break, the interviewee becomes the interviewer as Claire Broad introduces fellow second year student Nathan Simpson. Nathan discusses his experiences mining the genomes of exciting animals in search of antimicrobial peptides that can affect resistant bacteria. It's not every podcast you hear about tigers, king cobras and helpful advice on undertaking a PhD!

PhTea Break Podcast Episode 1: Claire Broad

In this episode Tash Clarke interviews PhD student, Claire Broad. Claire explains that DNA is like a recipe, and describes how she is using a technique called genome sequencing to try and better understand the DNA of sexually transmitted infections in Ecuador. She shares her tips for first year students, and for those thinking of embarking on a PhD.


Intro and Outro Music - Acid Trumpet by Kevin MacLeod




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