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St George’s, University of London holds an institutional Silver Athena SWAN Award. The St George’s Self-Assessment Team (SAT) supports the Athena SWAN award submission process and tracks progress of our Silver Award Action Plan 2017-2021. The team is led by Prof Deborah Bowman (Chair), Deputy Principal for Institutional Affairs, and Dr Vanessa Ho, Associate Dean for Culture, Development and Inclusion.

Dr Vanessa Ho holding her award. Dr Vanessa Ho, Athena SWAN team leader.

SAT has representation from both men and women, including staff from a range of academic and professional services roles, career stages, and life experiences. Undergraduate and postgraduate students are also represented.

The team meets regularly and reports to Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group. SAT members are also supported by Athena SWAN champions on St George’s Council, and critical friends at other universities.

SAT members

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Full list of SAT members
  • Deborah Bowman, Deputy Principal (Institutional Affairs)

  • Vanessa Ho, Associate Dean (Culture, Development and Inclusion)

  • Derek Baldwinson, Director of Quality and Partnerships

  • Dot Bennett, Director of Molecular and Clinical Science Institute

  • David Clark, Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Tash Clarke, PhD student

  • Mark Cranmer, Director of Joint Research and Enterprise Services

  • Sue David, Director of Library Services

  • Caroline Davis, Director of External Relations, Communications and Marketing

  • Rebecca Henry-Litteck, Learning and Development Manager

  • Muhammad Hijazi, Student Union President

  • Chris Huggins, Database and Research Officer

  • Liz Grand, Diversity and Inclusion Adviser
  • Jenny Laws, Academic Registrar

  • May Al Shawk, President of Athena SWAN student network

  • Jodi Lindsay, Professor of Microbial Pathogenesis

  • Julian Ma, Director of Infection and Immunity

  • Catherine Moore, Postdoctoral Researcher

  • June Philips, Executive Assistant

  • Jane Saffell, Deputy Principal (Education)

  • Elizabeth Treadwell, Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation Sciences (FHSCE)

  • Peter Whincup, Director of Population Health Research Institute

  • Jenny Winters, Director of HR

  • Su Jeong, Vice-President of Athena SWAN student network

You can hear from some of our SAT members on YouTube.

As part of our Silver Award action plan, SAT has focused on:

  • key career transition points, appointments, pay and promotions

  • career development

  • flexible working, career breaks and work-life balance

  • organisation, culture and communication

  • education and students.

For more information about the self-assessment process, or if you would like to be an observer at SAT meetings, please contact Vanessa Ho.


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