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What does St George’s, University of London stand for? What do we care deeply about? Developing this strategic plan as a community has been a time to reflect on those questions.

Shaping the future 

Each year, we enthusiastically welcome new students and are reminded of the responsibilities and privileges we have as their educators. It is remarkable how fast our students learn and progress; before long, many will go on to work beside us as our colleagues. Our aim is to channel their initial excitement and to nurture and sustain a passion for learning that will support an entire career.

Education and science 

St George’s excels in developing outstanding practitioners of science, medicine and healthcare. We are proud of the vitality of the learning relationships between our students and staff. One of the best aspects of St George’s is the inclusive nature of our education and science; whether you are a career scientist or a first year undergraduate, we genuinely believe you should thrive here and fulfil your potential, regardless of background.

We value excellence and recognise that education and research play an equal role in the delivery of our mission.

Thriving community

We are the only UK university dedicated to medicine, healthcare and science and we share our site with St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The integration of patients, healthcare workers, students and scientists creates a vibrant and dynamic environment.

Being in Tooting, London, we are both part of a global city and a thriving local community. We take pride in our location – in our links with the local community, including its schools; in the employment opportunities we bring; and in its diversity, with a patient population who often supports our research.

Locally-gained knowledge and expertise often has worldwide application. Our specialist research on the great global health challenges ranges from fundamental science to the most practical of treatment applications. These diverse contributions are all part of our commitment to the better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Shaping science and healthcare

A university’s success relies on establishing and motivating effective teams. We bring together varied skills and expertise, whether in scientific discovery, education or administration, each of which makes positive contributions to the whole. We also believe, emphatically, that diversity strengthens our community and are committed to making St George’s an inclusive environment for all.

Alumni stories are great testimony to what a university can do and how it makes a mark on society. Recent St George’s graduates continue to shape science and healthcare, as generations before them have done. Our famous alumni include those that advanced clinical practice such as John Hunter, the father of modern surgery, and Edward Jenner, who used scientific observation to develop vaccination.

Our strategy 

This strategy sets out how we will sustain the excellence and impact of St George’s. For over 250 years we have been pioneers in medicine, science and healthcare. We were the first university in the UK to introduce graduate-entry medicine and physician associate courses and we will continue to innovate. St George’s is a place that sets the future agenda in health.

In developing our strategy we have to make choices and in the coming years we will measure ourselves against these priorities. At a time of extraordinary change, we need to be clear about what is at our core and what will make a valuable impact. We must also remain outwardly-focused, agile in response to the needs of society and ready to adapt, as the future unfolds.

St George’s is a collegiate, inspiring university that is focused on improving health and this strategy sets out how we will meet our ambitions in the next five years. We hope that you share our pride and confidence in our university and will be part of the important contributions we make.

Professor Jenny Higham


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