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The Joint Research and Enterprise Services (JRES) have developed a suite of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and template documents for research sponsored by and/or conducted within St George’s, University of London and St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

For any procedures, logs or templates not listed below, please contact the JRES directly via the research governance inbox.

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JREOSOP0001 Creating an SOP (PDF)
JREOSOP0003 Issuing sponsorship in principle for CTIMPs (PDF)
JREOSOP0004 Issuing final sponsorship for CTIMPs (PDF)
JREOSOP0005 Risk assessment for CTIMP sponsored studies
JREOSOP0006 Reporting AEs for CTIMPs sponsored by St George's (PDF)
JREOSOP0008 DSUR reporting and submission (PDF)
JREOSOP0009 Routine monitoring of CTIMPs sponsored by St George's (PDF)
JREOSOP0011 Management of amendments to studies sponsored by St George's (PDF)
JREOSOP0012 Management and recording of protocol deviations and violations (PDF)
JREOSOP0013 Study initiation for CTIMPs (PDF)
JREOSOP0015 End of study declaration (PDF)
JREOSOP0016 Archiving (PDF)
JREOSOP0017 Confirmation of capacity and capability (PDF)
JREOSOP0019 Preparation and maintenance of TMF (PDF)
JREOSOP0020 Research passports (PDF)
JREOSOP0023 Training requirements and records (PDF)
JREOSOP0026 Handling research complaints (PDF)
JREOSOP0027 Informed consent in research (PDF)
JREOSOP0028 Applying for sponsorship for non_CTIMPs (PDF)
JREOSOP003 1 Escalation (PDF)
JREOSOP0032 Reporting serious GCP breaches (PDF)
JREOSOP0033 Safety reporting for non-CTIMPs (PDF)
JREOSOP0035 Auditing (PDF)
JREOSOP0036 Laboratory procedures
JREOSOP0037 Equipment maintenance (PDF)
JREOSOP0038 Data management
JREOSOP039 Protocol design (PDF)
JREOSOP0041 Sponsor cover for AE reporting (PDF)
JREOSOP0042 Applying to HRA under section 251 (PDF)
JREOSOP0043 Annual progress reports (APR) (PDF)
JREOSOP0044 Applying for NIHR adoption (PDF)
JREOSOP0045 Applying for clinical trials authorisation (CTA) (PDF)
JREOSOP0046 Transferring sponsorship
JREOSOP0048 Amendments to hosted studies (PDF)
Templates and logs


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