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External relationships and engagements can take many forms, but in defined circumstances they can be considered as consultancy activity.

St George’s understands consultancy activities as key part of our knowledge exchange and technology. We are committed to supporting the development of mutually beneficial relationships and engagements with commercial, public and third sector organisations that facilitate knowledge exchange and technology transfer.

We distinguish between three forms of consultancy arrangements, namely private consultancy, personal St George's-managed consultancy and institutional consultancy. Please see below for personal St George’s-managed consultancy. If you have any queries about this, or the other types of consultancy, please contact the JRES Enterprise and Innovation team.

Personal St George's-managed consultancy

The Joint Research and Enterprise Services (JRES) offer a personal St George's-managed consultancy service which bring the following advantages:

  • saves you time. The JRES manages the administration:

    • providing pricing advice
    • liaising and negotiating commercial terms with the clientarranging and managing the contract
    • managing the post-contractual phase, including invoicing
    • processing the disbursement on consultancy income.
  • minimises your risk from non-payment, contractual queries and complaints

  • provides professional indemnity insurance.

Academics are permitted to undertake up to 30 days of consultancy per year with the institute director’s permission.

This managed consultancy service levies a nominal administration fee, which is added on top of your own consultancy fee and paid for by the client – so, in most cases, you receive the fee you request.


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