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At St George’s, we’re proud of our diverse staff and student body and we're committed to creating a positive working and learning environment where all people are treated with dignity and respect. This includes respecting the beliefs and religions of our staff and students and ensuring that people from all backgrounds, including those from all faiths and none, are afforded equivalent protection. 

The Equality Act 2010 protects individuals from being discriminated against or treated differently due to their religion or belief. In this context religion applies to any religion or reference to religion, including a lack of religion. Belief relates to any religious or philosophical belief or reference to belief, including a lack of belief.

At St George’s we have an InterFaith Forum. This group is made up of staff and student representatives. The aim of the Interfaith Forum is to:

  • promote good interfaith relationships on campus

  • promote understanding between people of different faiths and those of no faith

  • act as a formal conduit for information on religion and belief and help communicate with all staff and students on faith-related issues

  • ensure the multi-faith and quiet contemplation rooms are available to be used by all members of the university and help resolve any issues related to the use of the MultiFaith and Quiet Contemplation Room.

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Freedom of speech and promoting good campus relations

We aim to protect staff and students of all backgrounds from intimidation, harassment and violent behaviour and have developed a Promoting Good Campus Relations policy to ensure all freedom of speech at St George’s remains lawful.

MultiFaith and Quiet Contemplation Room

There is a MultiFaith and Quiet Contemplation Room available for staff and students of all religions and beliefs to use, including those with no religious belief. The room is located on Jenner Wing, First Floor by Staircase 20.  For more information about the space, visit the MultiFaith Room Protocol policy or the MultiFaith room FAQs (PDF).

Reasonable accommodation

St George’s has produced a religion and belief code of practice which outlines what reasonable accommodations the institution may offer for reasons of religious observance.

We also have the following policies which allow students the opportunity to apply for a reasonable accommodation to be made for reasons of religion or belief

Student societies

There are several religious student societies at St George's, including:


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