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The central print service manages 90 multi-function devices (MFDs) on site. These are your local printers. The service means there are quality printing facilities within easy reach from all offices and work areas.

Good to know

  • The MFDs have extremely low energy use when in standby mode, so they never need to be switched off.

  • The internal drives and servers for the MFDs have industry-standard encryption in place. Your ID card only allows you to see and print your own documents.

  • You can delete any documents at the printer that you may have sent to print but no longer require.

  • The cost of paper is included, so don’t order paper from your budget. To order paper, ring site services on extension 5255.

  • Toner boxes are ordered automatically and delivered to the printer by a Digital Services staff member. If you don't find them next to a printer, ring extension 0076 or 2600.

  • All empty toners bottles, used waste boxes and replaced parts are sent for recycling back to the manufacturer. If nearby recycle boxes are full, ring extension 0076 or 2600.

  • A built-in stapler function is available for the A3 C368 machines. A4 C3350 devices do not have a staple function.

Printer location maps as of 1 September 2018

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