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St George’s, University of London has developed a number of educational apps and mobile resources for medical students and professionals of the medical sector.

Current project

SGUL Mobile Help

The SGUL Mobile Help app provides step-by-step instructions on how to use several key technologies used to support teaching and learning, including Myprogress, the app and web version. The Myprogress application is used for recording the completion of workplace-based assessments (WPBA) electronically. Other technologies supported include Canvas, Panopto and Mentimeter. The app also provides a useful list of links to healthcare education-related apps, and a guide on note-taking during lectures, using a tablet device.

Download SGUL Mobile Help for iOS and Android devices.

Previous app projects

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MedEdCases is a public St George’s mobile application accessible for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Android devices, now available to download on the App Store and Google Play. The application is based on the virtual patient (VP) concept, and allows users to easily search, download, and play the VP medical cases at their leisure.

Designed, developed and created by: eLearning Unit and Intelligent Business Optimisation System Solutions (iBOS Solutions).

MedEdEthics is a public St George’s mobile application, based on the virtual patient (VP) concept. It is a collection of medical ethical and legal scenarios aimed to provoke thinking around ethico-legal decision-making that imitates the real clinical setting.

Aimed at: providing additional learning experience for students pursuing medical ethics and law in their undergraduate/postgraduate curriculum.

Designed, developed and created by: E-Learning Unit and Intelligent Business Optimisation System Solutions (iBOS Solutions).
The virtual patient authoring app is an app that will allow academics and teachers to create virtual patient scenarios that can be delivered to students with ease. The app will allow authors to share content with other peers to co-author or review their cases. The ability to author cases via an app authoring tool reduces costs for institutions and eliminates the need for high institutional licenses for online authoring tools.
The Genetics Counselling App (TGCA)

The Genetics Counselling App is a visual, interactive and educational tool for genetic counsellors/practitioners, geneticists, related healthcare professionals, and GCSE to postgraduate students.

The app gives a visual explanation of chromosomes from body to gene level. It highlights the most common types of Mendelian inheritance through a number of animations. It also explains some common genetics tests and links out to useful information on different inheritances and general medical genetics websites.
ECG Genius
The ECG Genius app is an interactive tool, aimed at both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, to help develop and test their knowledge on electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation. The application has a ‘tutorial’ mode that enables students to interpret ECGs and a ‘game’ mode which enables students to choose between two quiz difficulty levels to test their knowledge on ECG interpretation.
The RevisePsych App primarily assists undergraduate students with learning and revising psychiatry material and also makes resources easily accessible on the go. The app covers areas such as psychiatric assessments, diagnosis, treatments and services.


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