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If you have already got experience and qualifications in learning and teaching (at PGCert level or Advance HE/HEA fellowship) and intend to further your studies in education, this programme may well be of interest to you. The programme is intended for those who really intend to make educational scholarship and research an integral part of their professional and personal advancement.

Starting in the spring of 2020, the MA offers a student-centred approach to educational scholarship and research, with the aim of forming educational leaders who are knowledgeable about current issues in higher education research as applied to the healthcare and biomedical domains.

Upon completion of the programme, participants should be:

Scholars of education


  • having familiarity with the theoretical frameworks, practice and conventions of educational research

  • connecting educational research and scholarship to one’s own educational practice for the benefit of the student experience, the organisations they work for and their own personal and professional fulfilment

  • having the knowledge and expertise to supervise undergraduate educational research projects and contribute to programmes such as the PGCert in Healthcare and Biomedical Education.

Researchers of education


  • being able to read and write within the educational research paradigm as applied to own disciplinary domain and professional context

  • being able to search educational literature and arriving at cogent research questions

  • communicating educational research results to peers, and specialist and non-specialist audiences

  • becoming a tutor on the MA programme (or similar) themselves

  • engaging in further research (for example, by furthering their studies at doctoral level or by regular writing and presenting at educational conferences)

  • applying for research in education funding in healthcare and biomedical education.

Leaders of education


  • contributing, through scholarship and research, to institutional educational change and innovation

  • advising on policy matters from a scholarly and research-informed perspective

  • guiding colleagues in their educational activities by stimulating creativity and innovation in a research-informed way

  • being champions of educational scholarship and research nationally and internationally.

The programme has two exit points: Diploma in Healthcare and Biomedical Education and Master’s in Healthcare and Biomedical Education. It consists of three modules:

PgDip Module 1: Introduction to educational research: issues, methodologies and methods

PgDip Module 2: From research topic to research question(s): the role and practice of the literature review

MA level: Researching practice

Please note: in its first year of existence (spring 2019 – spring 2020), the programme will be run only for internal staff with teaching responsibility at the university, in the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, and the Trust; it will then be open to the other interested parties nationally and internationally.

More information will be available as the programme is constructed.


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