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Review of the EduFocus Programme

The Centre for Innovation and Development of Education (CIDE) has been offering the EduFocus programme since September 2018 as the first centrally-delivered Continuing Educational Development programme at St George’s, University of London.

In response to the changing demands of higher education and the increasing complexity of the role of higher education professionals, CIDE has decided to conduct a review of the EduFocus programme. Therefore, the current programme will be paused from April to July 2020 and the scheduled workshops (with a few exceptions) will not run from April 2020.

To inform our review, we would very much like to hear your views about the current programme and suggestions for its future shape. Please complete this simple questionnaire (Word) and email it to us by the 20 April 2020.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the pausing of the EduFocus programme.


EduFocus is St George’s, University of London continuing educational development programme led by the Centre for Innovation and Development in Education (CIDE). If you are interested in remaining confident, updated and inspired as a higher education professional, EduFocus is for you.

Our events are specifically tailored to help you in your professional development. We want to make sure that your knowledge and skills do not become obsolete within this evolving higher education system and help you with the many educational tasks and challenges that you may meet in your career, especially those related to learning and teaching.

EduFocus events are facilitated by highly established, experienced, research-active, educational and subject experts at St George’s, University of London. The programme of events offers a range of choice, with topics to fit individual needs and focusing on key educational topics related to higher education teaching practice.

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Who is it for?

EduFocus events are meant to attract academics, practitioners and professionals from a wide range of disciplines, enabling transformational professional learning for effective educational practice.

We offer a range of choice, with topics to fit individual needs, focusing on different educational aspects and designed under four key themes:

  • professional recognition and career development (workshops supporting those who are preparing to apply for Advance HE professional recognition)

  • enhancement of teaching and learning (interactive sessions aimed at improving teaching practice)

  • educational scholarship and research (research-informed discussions and drop-in sessions supporting designing of educational research)

  • specific themes (special events focussed on specific educational topics).

Who can enrol?
The programme is open to all staff involved in teaching and supporting students’ learning at St George’s, University of London, including clinical teachers, the library services staff, postdoctoral researchers, administrators, managers, and learning technologists who support learning and teaching.

We also welcome ‘external professionals’, that is, colleagues from any partner trust or general practice that teach St George’s students for less than four hours per week. These colleagues will be accommodated as places are available. See the programme for external professionals.

Please note that, at this point, the programme is not open to those who do not teach St George’s students.

What is the format of the events?

EduFocus sessions take different formats to suit a variety of needs:


These are interactive sessions aimed at introducing and discussing the foundational principles of educational practice (including assessment and feedback, active learning, supervision and mentoring, and more). Principles will be discussed in relation to participants’ needs and practice and will be underpinned by educational theories and research.

Current workshop titles:

  • Assessment of clinical skills by OSCE (checklists and domains)

  • Feedback for improving learning

  • How to teach a practical skill

  • Is it possible to apply active learning to large group teaching?

  • Learning and teaching using virtual scenarios

  • OSCE writing and standard setting

  • Supervision and mentoring

  • Understanding and developing assessment practices for effective learning

  • What is active learning? From practice to theory (and back).

Seminars (staff only)

Seminars are delivered as lectures followed by discussion. These sessions offer the audience the opportunity to engage in intellectual discussion about current educational topics and issues.

Masterclasses (staff only)

Masterclasses are interactive sessions focussed on particular educational topics and are aimed at providing audience an in-depth understanding about the principles and theory-informed practice in relation to the selected educational topics.

Academic recognition of attendance and certification

All EduFocus events carry CPD points (1 CPD point per hour of attendance). Upon completion, you will be issued with a certificate of attendance which includes the relevant CPD points.


Registration is via Eventbrite. For details about each session and to book your place, please access the full EduFocus programme (internal staff) or the external programme.

Workshops will have a minimum of eight and a maximum of 20 participants. Please be aware that sessions will only run if the specified minimum number of participants for each event is reached. Internal/affiliated participants have precedence over externals.

Spaces are limited and early registration is highly recommended.

If you register for an event but are no longer able to attend, cancellations must be made in writing to Shira Meah a minimum of one week in advance of the session delivery date.

What next?

For a full list of EduFocus events for 2019-20, including details for each event and links to book a place, please access the full EduFocus programme (internal staff) or the external programme.

Contact us

EduFocus Programme Director: Dr Thushari Welikala

Programme Manager: Paola Motta

Administration and Registration Support: Shira Meah

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