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Education Day

We look forward to seeing you at the next St George’s annual Education Day. This is an annual event, which seeks to bring together people from across our educational community to showcase educational practice, scholarship, and teaching and learning innovations. The event has been running very successfully for a number of years and it attracts well over 100 members of staff (both academic and professional) and students.

Organised by the Centre for Innovation and Development in Education (CIDE), Education Day covers a different theme each year, with Transformation being the focus in 2017 and Innovation in 2018. The event is made up of seminars, workshops, poster presentations and a key note given by a well-renowned educationalist. Education Day is both a scholarly and social occasion for the celebration of education practice and theory at St George’s.

Education Day 2019: Enhancing Professionalism in Education

20 November 2019

Education Day this year will focus on the educational meanings and practice of professionalism.

Professionalism, as a concept and practice, is an increasingly important concern in academia and beyond. It embodies not just behaviour and action, but, importantly, the value sets that underpin these (Green, 2009). As such, it requires reflection on the way we think and act in relation to the contexts in which we operate and the people with whom we interact (colleagues, students, patients).

The complex nature of professionalism begs focused thinking on educational practices, including what it means to be an educational professional and leader. It also requires thoughts on the way we educate our students to think and behave in professional ways, as well as understanding how students perceive professionalism and the way curricula support their journey towards becoming rounded and ethical professionals.

The event will be an opportunity for us to engage with a number of questions:

  • What does it mean to be and become a professional educator?

  • What does it mean to be and behave professionally within an educational context?

  • How do we, as academics, cultivate and weave together different professional identities (as educators, academics, scientists, clinicians etc.) in busy and pressurised environments for our own well-being and the benefit of the student learning experience?

  • What does it mean to educate for professionalism and inter-professionalism?

  • How do our curricula (in terms of planning, delivery, assessment and feedback) help our students to become professionals?

  • How do academics and practitioners help learners maintain professional practice in pressured environments and systems which challenge professional values?

  • How can we make explicit professional values and practice within the hidden curriculum?

Your contribution to this debate is important and we hope to see as many of you as possible at Education Day.

For more information on this year’s Education Day, please contact Rosie MacLachlan.

Other events

Beyond the Education Day, CIDE arranges a series of events that aim to bring both staff and students together around educational issues. Past events include:

Understanding Expertise: Professional Practice and System Performance (April 2018)

A Passion for Teaching? A Passion for Learning? (February 2019)


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