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The SGRQ-I contains 34 items from the original SGRQ that are the most reliable for measuring health-related quality of life in patients with IPF. A systematic statistically-based method was used to revise the original SGRQ and develop an IPF-specific version, the SGRQ-I. Both the reliability and validity of the SGRQ-I are acceptable and comparable to the original SGRQ. A new scoring algorithm was developed that places SGRQ-I scores on a scale with the original SGRQ.


SGRQ-I queries

For SGRQ-I queries including the scoring calculator and information on available SGRQ-I translations please contact Dr Janelle Yorke



 Commercial use of the SGRQ-I
The university charges commercial organizations a license fee for use of the SGRQ-I. For details on how to obtain a license to use the SGRQ, please send an email to Yvonne Forde .

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