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Regularly throughout the year, St George’s throws its doors open to the public, for a themed evening event in which our scientists and clinicians present their latest work.

Upcoming events

17 October 2019

Professor Derek Macallan

HIV - How far have we come?

26 November 2019

Dr Cathy Moore

How parasites have shaped human history

28  January 2020

Dr Laura Nellums / Dr Sally Hargreaves

In Sickness and In Health


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The pain is in the brain

In March 2018, Professor Nidhi Sofat led an evening looking at something that concerns us all – pain. What is it, how we experience it differently, what is the latest scientific perspective, and how do people living with chronic pain cope? Nidhi was joined by guest lecturer Professor Shea Palmer, Professor of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation at the University of the West of England, and a patient with arthritis to share experiences of living with and managing chronic pain.

The fight against superbugs in sexual health

In June 2018, Professor Tariq Sadiq and his team organized an evening to talk about the latest research and technological advances in sexual health. Tariq directs the Applied Diagnostic Research and Evaluation Unit (ADREU) at St George’s.

Media headlines about ‘super gonorrhoea’ have led to fears that we may be heading for a post-antibiotic health crisis due to superbugs and their ability to resist treatment. Tariq and his group explained how the development of personalised medicine technologies is helping researchers in the battle against antibiotic-resistant infections.

Interspersing their talk with role play, and a real-time clinical test, they highlighted the problems GPs face in terms of prescribing antibiotics without enough information, and how rapid point-of-care tests, which can produce results while patients are still there, can help provide more effective treatment. This personalised approach can be much better for the individual, who receives antibiotics that work first time, and at the same time reduces the risk of spread of ersistant strains to others in the population.

Watch Tariq and his team (research assistants Claire Broad, Emma Grace and Laura Phillips) along with Dr Gwenda Hughes from Public Health England on YouTube
Making medicines in tobacco plants – cultivating cures for global health

In November 2018, Professor Julian Ma and his research team explained the latest technologies from the world of plants. The public heard how plants are being genetically modified to make innovating bio-medicines such as antibodies and vaccines, and what this could mean for the developing world. The amazing world of green “mini factories” creating the treatments of tomorrow.

Tuberculosis, an ancient infectious disease, still causes 1.5 million deaths ever year

In January 2019, Dr Rajko Reljic and his team discusses the latest research advances – including new vaccination strategies currently being developed at St George’s. The BCG vaccine does not protect adults and the alarming rise of TB drug resistance is making treatment increasingly difficult. Hence, these new solutions are desperately needed.

Making an impact on infectious diseases – the challenges of global health

Dr Angela Loyse and a team of experts discussed the challenges and joys of their work in global health. Our scientists from St George’s are helping to tackle many of the illnesses that affect people around the world like meningitis and tuberculosis.

Immunotherapy – a new dawn in cancer treatment?

In July 2019, Dr Mark Bodman-Smith and guest speakers explained how immunotherapy works and what the trial results to date show, and gave a glimpse into what the future holds for cancer treatment and prevention. Immunotherapy is a revolutionary procedure that uses a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. Trials have shown encouraging survival rates in patients and fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy, including for the most aggressive of cancers.

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