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We offer training for academic staff, administrators and student year representatives on various aspects of using technology to support teaching and learning at St George’s.

Details of the training currently available and links to the booking form are given below.

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Panopto training


The Panopto system synchs the audio recording of a lecture with its PowerPoint slide presentation. This has been installed in all lecture theatres and many smaller teaching rooms where lectures take place.

Feedback from students indicates that they find these recordings extremely useful when revising the content of a lecture session. They also requested access to the recordings quickly after lecture sessions. In order to make this possible, links have been created between Panopto and Canvas, reducing the need for manual intervention (which was required during 2017/18).

Who is this training aimed at? 

Academic staff, administrators, student representatives.

These sessions will introduce the system, explain how it is used and give you the opportunity to have questions answered.

Guidance documentation will also be provided at these sessions.

Book to attend 
To express your interest in attending a session, please contact Learning Technology Services.
Copyright for lecture delivery: what every lecturer should know


Do you deliver lectures to students? Are you unsure about copyright and how it affects the preparation of lecture materials? Then this session is for you! 

This training session is designed to offer guidance to lecturers in the preparation of materials, such as PowerPoint slides for use in lecture sessions. This session also aims to raise awareness of copyright issues when recording lectures using Panopto.  

The session covers the basics of the legislation, what it says and what it means for you as a lecturer. You will have the opportunity to discuss some examples of positive, poor and questionable use as a means of improving your own practice. 

Please note this session is not delivered by lawyers, so the contents do not constitute legal advice.

Book to attend 

To express your interest in attending a session, please contact Learning Technology Services.

Creating virtual patients

We use virtual patients for many aspects of teaching, learning and educational research at St George’s. They are flexible educational resources that can incorporate text, images and videos, but most importantly allow learners to make decisions in a safe environment and explore the consequences of those choices.

They are widely recognised to be particularly effective for developing clinical reasoning skills, and can be used in lectures, small group teaching or for self-directed learning. We can provide one-to-one training on request for those who wish to create, develop and use virtual patients in their teaching. 

Who is it for?

Members of course teams, academic or administrative, who wish to create or edit virtual patient resources. 

What you will learn 

How to access and use the OpenLabyrinth system, the principles behind good virtual patient design 

Book to attend 

The training is delivered on request, so please contact the eLearning Unit.


We will deliver a number of sessions as part of the Centre for Innovation and Development in Education (CIDE) EduFocus programme throughout the year. These sessions will cover topics such as MOOCs, virtual patients and ABC learning design.

Please look out for these sessions and enrol via the EduFocus events page.


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