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We have developed a wide range of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) through our partnership with FutureLearn. Created by course teams of experts from across the university and with other collaborators, these high-quality learning resources are freely available for anybody to use and target a range of learners, from students to healthcare professionals looking for CPD (Continuing Professional Development). They are also available to be used within taught programmes.

MOOC surgery Teams

Support and information can be found by Joining the MOOC Surgery Teams area or directly contacting the eLearning Unit. The MOOC surgery aims to provide support to staff creating or using MOOCs in their teaching from academics who have successfully created MOOCs. The teams area can be used to post any questions, share resources or find useful information about MOOCs.

Please join on Teams or send an email to eLearning Unit for more details.

Our MOOC courses

To date, our MOOC courses have attracted more than 253,000 joiners, with more than with 41,100 completing 90%+ of the courses. Details of the MOOC courses available can be seen below.

Creative Problem Solving: Design Thinking in Health and Social Care 

Learn how design thinking can be applied in health and social care settings to drive innovation and approach challenges in this course co-created with Howdu design consultancy.

The Genomics Era: The Future of Genetics in Medicine 

Get an introduction to the growing role of genomics in healthcare for patient diagnoses, treatment and disease prevention in this course co-created with St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 

Genomics Technologies in Clinical Diagnostics: Molecular Techniques 

Learn how molecular genetic techniques are used to identify the genetic factors that contribute to the development of disease in this postgraduate level course.

Genomics Technologies in Clinical Diagnostics: Next Generation Sequencing

Understand new and established genomic sequencing technologies, and how to apply them in clinical practice, in this postgraduate level course.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT): An Introduction for Healthcare Professionals

Get broad insight into the key issues surrounding Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing with this course for healthcare professionals, co-created with St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 

Developing Clinical Empathy: Making a Difference in Patient Care

Discover the difference empathy can make to patient care, and improve your own clinical empathy. 

Organ Donation: The Essentials for Healthcare Professionals

Understand the key processes regarding organ donation with this course for healthcare professionals anywhere in the world, co-created with NHS Blood and Transplant.

Global Health Governance: Addressing Globalization and Health Inequities

Explore global health governance and the challenges facing healthcare workers and policy makers.

Preparing for an International Health Elective: Exploring Global Health, Ethics and Safety

Prepare for undertaking an International Health Elective in this course co-created with Kings College London, aimed at students in medical and healthcare disciplines.

Managing Innovation: Learning to Prototype for Business

Understand how to pitch innovative ideas using prototypes, and develop your skills by creating your own prototype in this course co-created with Bayer AG.

ECG Assessment: An Introduction for Healthcare Providers

Understand the principles of electrocardiology and learn a step-by-step approach to the ECG test, in this course created with the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education.

Using Virtual Scenarios to Create Effective Learning

Learn how to use virtual scenarios to help people practice their decision making and prepare for real world challenges in this course co-created with partners from the WAVES network.


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