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Our Goal is over the year to develop our capacity as educators to design and run quality education online, so that we end up with insights, designs, activities that are sustainable.

The design and implementation of online teaching and learning should:

  • P1:   Foster and sustain a strong learning community that is inclusive and accessible to all 

  • P2:  Create a clear and scaffolded learning journey that is appropriate to the goals and purposes of the course 

  • P3:  Be clear about standards and expectations of both staff and students 

  • P4:  Balance synchronous social learning with independent self-paced study 

  • P5:  Where possible support experiential and practice-based learning through the design and use of virtual scenarios or multi-media resources. 

  • P6:  Have responsive evaluation built in. 

Implementation timeline

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Stage 1 (Mar-May 2020) Emergency: Reproduction and Coping with Assessment

Ensuring completion of T&L via mainly synchronous delivery via Big Blue Button and Teams, with some asynchronous delivery via Panopto.

Review and modification of assessment processes and deployment of remote assessment for all students to ensure continuity.

Stage 2 (May-Jun 2020) Window of Opportunity (A)

Review of student feedback from Stage 1.

Review of staff feedback from Stage 1.

Investigation into best practice guidance across sector (national and international).

Establishment of core principles for online education and development of Phase 1 framework.


Stage 3 (Jul-Dec 2020) New academic year for continuing students

Framework for online education scaled up for July starters focusing on implementation of the Principles.

Support for implementation from CTiE and CIDE with priority for:

  • Peer exchange of practice between academic colleagues

  • Technical support guidance and/or workshops

  • Formation of Student Curriculum Advisors

  • Digital pedagogy guidance and/or workshops Online education drop-ins

Stage 4 (Jul-Dec 2020) New academic year for 1st year students

Students start their studies in blended mode or wholly online (for some courses).

Staff trained for delivery of online teaching using designed pedagogical pathways.

Full integration of digital pedagogy to support wholly online and blended modes  technology and pedagogy.

Formative review and evaluation in partnership with student curriculum advisors.


Stage 5 (Sep 2020 to Jan 2021) Window of Opportunity (B)

Formative review and evaluation from student curriculum advisors and staff focusing on Stages 2 to 4.

Embedding of the Principles across St George’s.

Training and support for staff.

Implementation of guidance to support assessment in teaching and learning (Phase 2 of the framework).

Stage 6 (from Jan 2021) Sustainability

Post Covid era:

Set up systems for sustainability of online for flexibility, student experience, and future resilience.

Established community of practice with students and staff with a move to an enhanced blended model.

Implementation timeline diagram implementation timeline


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