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This guidance sets out how exams are to be conducted in the 2021-22 academic year across St George’s.


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Exam mode and timing
  1. Summative exams in 2021-22 will take place on-campus (i.e. onsite), facilitated via desktop PCs across St George’s, and with human invigilation. Exams will take place on Canvas with the exception of MBBS and PA SBA exams, which will take place on the MSCAA. For some cohorts, particularly for large cohorts with >150 students, the exams will take place in two sittings to accommodate all students within the cohort. Formative exams may take place onsite or remote.
  2. When designing exams, we suggest that where possible, ‘Quiz’-type exams (Single Best Answers i.e. SBA and/or Short Answer Questions i.e. SAQ) are set separately to Long Answer Questions (LAQs).
  3. Any assessment that requires additional file upload should be set as a Long Answer Question (LAQ).
  4. All LAQ exams must include an additional 10 minutes to allow students the time to name and upload their word documents, and where necessary to capture (using the webcam) and upload additional documents such as their drawings. This additional 10 minutes should be built into the normal examination timing. Therefore, a typical 2-hour exam will have a total duration of 2 hours and 10 minutes. This will also apply to any additional timing provided to students with support needs.
Opportunities for students to include drawings in Long Answer Questions (LAQ)

5.  For Long Answer Question (LAQ) exams, opportunities for students to include diagrams have been considered and will be provided as below:

  • We recommend that course teams indicate to students in advance whether the drawing of diagrams in the exam are expected, not expected, or optional
  • Students will be able to draw their diagrams/flowcharts on a piece of paper which will be provided to them during the exam.
  • We recommend that each drawing is labelled, with a reference to the labelling within the essay response.
  • The desktop PCs to be used for exams are equipped with cameras that will allow for students to capture their drawing and upload as an additional document when submitting their LAQs into Canvas.
  • Invigilating officers must collect the originals of all drawings.
  • The existing exams preparation module on Canvas ( will be updated to reflect the changes to assessment approach this year, and give students the opportunity to practice ahead of their summative exam(s).
  •  Each module with LAQ exam(s) must provide practice opportunities onsite so that students can experience the process for uploading documents, capturing of drawings, and submission of those drawings via Canvas. We urge course teams to consider that many students will be submitting documents for the first time, while others will be doing this onsite for the first time since early 2020.


Use of lockdown browser in 2021-22

6. The use of Lockdown Browser remains a requirement for all ‘Quiz’-type exams on Canvas e.g. exams that are intended to require Single Best Answers (SBA) and/or Short Answer Questions (SAQ).

7. Use of Lockdown Browser is not required for LAQ exams. Instead, the LAQ exam is to be designed to allow for Turnitin check via file upload i.e. a Word document that answers the exam questions, along with any additional document that the student may be required (or want to upload) e.g. their drawings, a spreadsheet, PowerPoint, etc.

Changes to the Statement of Integrity (SOI) process

8. SOI for use with summative assessments has been reviewed, with some new changes:

- SOI is to be displayed to students as a standard message that precedes the exam (not as a separate exam that they must submit):

- This eliminates the need to move between two browsers and should simplify the exam process for students, particularly for SBA and/or SAQ exams that require LockDown Browser.

- There will now be 2 versions: SOI for onsite online and SOI for remote online exams. The Statement of Academic Integrity can be found at (


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