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St George’s nominations for Advance HE National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) and Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence (CATE)

Call for Expressions of Interest

NTF and CATE are highly competitive prestigious external awards made annually by Advance HE that recognise excellence in education and the learner experience as well as impact beyond the immediate academic or professional area.

The high volume and quality of responses to our internal Education Excellence Awards scheme earlier this year demonstrated the wealth of excellent educational practice right across St George’s. We’d now like to build on this internal recognition by putting forward nominations to the national scheme. As an Advance HE membership organisation we are eligible to nominate 3 individuals for National Teaching Fellowships and 1 team for a Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence. Nominations (ie applications) to Advance HE close on Wednesday 10th March 2021.

We hope to receive a number of expressions of interest with this call, the deadline for which is Wednesday 25th November.

Advance HE have noted that the following groups have previously been underrepresented as recipients of the awards nationally

  • ethnic minority BAME groups relative to HESA statistics
  • the wide range of staff that support student learning
  • part-time, fractional, sessional or hourly paid staff

In our selection of nominees from St George’s we will pay particular attention to redressing this imbalance, bearing in mind the context of our staffing and student community.

Nominees are expected to hold or to be working towards a category of Advance HE Fellowship.


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Advance HE resources
Q&A sessions and webinars
We are holding 2 Informal Q&A sessions: 

Tuesday 3rd November 2.00-3.00 

Tuesday 10th November 10.00-11.00. 

Please click on the date most convenient for you to book a spot via Eventbrite.

We also encourage you to engage with the following Advance HE webinars which will help you understand what is involved:

Wed 4/11, 9.00-10.00

National Teaching Fellowship Roadshow 2: “A conversation with successful NTFs”: 

Wed 11/11, 13.00 – 14.30

CATE Roadshow 2: “Applying for CATE in 2020/21”:


Webinars after the EOI deadline:

Tues 1/12, 13.00 -14.30

CATE Roadshow 3: “Applying for CATE in 2020/21”:


Thurs 3/12 13.00-14.00

National Teaching Fellowship Roadshow 3: “Institutional/ Individual perspectives”: 


Wed 27/01, 10.00-12.00

CATE Roadshow 4: “Planning for CATE in 2022 and beyond”:
How to express interest
To express your interest in being nominated by St George’s, please complete the appropriate form (CATE or NTF) by Wednesday 25 November and email it to:   

Expressions of Interest will be considered by the Deputy Principal (Education) and the Head of CIDE with assistance from the Education Excellence Awards panel where necessary. Eventual nominations must be accompanied by a supportive statement from the Principal.

If you are nominated you will need to develop a full application. Your writing process and eventual submission will be supported by the CIDE team who will encourage you to work to deadlines for a first and second draft in order to meet the Advance HE deadline (10th March 2021). Where possible we will put you in contact with a mentor who already holds an NTF or CATE award.

Education Excellence Awards and Principal’s Prizes

The St George’s Education Excellence Awards and Principal’s Prizes are an important part of recognising and encouraging the many contributions individuals and teams make to enhancing the educational experience of all our students.

Congratulations to our 2019-20 winners, and a big thank you to everyone who made a nomination or submitted an application. The judging panel was enthused by the quality and range of educational endeavour represented across the 27 applications. In their judging process, the panel was looking for a clearly articulated area of excellent practice, with evidence of positive impact and attention to inclusivity. Continued learning on the part of the applicant and the potential wider impact and transferability of what had been developed were also considered. The latter was a particular factor in deciding who to recommend for Principal’s Prizes.

Awards winners 2020

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Education Excellence Awards

  • Student-centred Teaching and Welfare: Professor Anthony Albert, Institute of Molecular & Clinical Sciences
  • Research-inspired Teaching and Learning: Dr Alexis Bailey, Centre for Biomedical Science in IMBE
  • Leadership and Innovation in Assessment: Dr James Buckley, Centre for Biomedical Education in IMBE
  • Careers Development Education: Dr Androulla Elia, Centre for Biomedical Education in IMBE
  • Programme Leadership: Julie Hendry, Department of Radiography, FHSCE
  • Assessment Innovation and Enhancement: Andrew Hitchings, Centre for Clinical Education in IMBE
  • Clinical Teaching and Simulation in Paramedic Science: David Parr, Department of Paramedic Science, FHSCE
  • Leadership of the Student Voice: Beth Ward, Vice-President for Education and Welfare, Student Union
  • Collaborative Programme Design and Innovation: Clinical Pharmacology development team — Professors Emma Baker and Iain Greenwood, Bryony Williams (CTiE), Errol Lobo, and Drs Mark Preece, Jennifer Stott, Dagan Lonsdale, Christopher Threapleton, Catrin Page, and Moyo Kuku
  • Curriculum Design, for the module “Primary Care: Complexity and Diversity”: Drs Emma Metters and Nicola Buxton, Centre for Clinical Education in IMBE
Principal's Prize
Two Principal’s Prizes were awarded: one to Dr James Buckley, for Outstanding Contribution to Education, and the other for Staff-Student Partnership in Inclusive Teaching and Learning to a Centre for Clinical Education team: Shehla Baig, Pedro Elston, Margot Turner, Peter Tamony, and Robert Nagaj, together with students Adrian Crawford, Malone Mukwende, and Jonathan Tugbobo for their collaborative work across two inclusive curriculum projects.


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