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St George’s nominations for Advance HE National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) and Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence (CATE)

Call for Expressions of Interest 2021-2022

NTF and CATE are highly competitive prestigious external awards made annually by Advance HE that recognise excellence in education and the learner experience as well as impact beyond the immediate academic or professional area. As an Advance HE membership organisation we are eligible to nominate 3 individuals for National Teaching Fellowships and 1 team for a Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence. Nominations (ie applications) to Advance HE close on 9th March 2022 for NTFS and 16th March 2022 for CATE.

We were delighted that one of our last year’s nominees, Professor Kate Tatton-Brown, was successful in achieving the award of National Teaching Fellow [] This year we’d like to put forward more nominees and as such are inviting initial Expressions of Interest. 

The NTF award celebrates outstanding individual impact. The EOI form asks you to give an initial indication of how you would make a strong claim in the three following areas, showing the reach, value and impact of your practice:

  1. Individual Excellence in enhancing and transforming students outcomes and/or the teaching profession
  2. Raising the profile of excellence, through supporting colleagues, or influencing the support for student learning and/or the teaching profession in (and beyond) your immediate role and institution
  3. Developing excellence – in terms of commitment to your own continued professional development with regard to teaching and learning and/or learning support.

Please download the NTF EOI form.

The CATE award celebrates outstanding collaborative impact on teaching and learning. The EOI form asks you to indicate how you would meet the scheme’s two criteria:

  1. Excellence in the team’s collaborative approach. This is about the depth of collaboration across a core team of people commensurate with the context and its opportunities.
  2. Excellence in the impact of collaborative working.  This is about demonstrable impact on teaching and learning, including beyond the immediate academic or professional area

Please download the CATE EOI form.

The deadline for Expressions of Interest is Monday 8 November 2021. Please send your form to:

If you are nominated you will need to develop a full application. Your writing process and eventual submission will be supported by the CIDE team who will encourage you to work to deadlines for a first and second draft in order to meet the Advance HE deadline in March.

Expressions of Interest will be considered by the Deputy Principal (Education) and the Head of CIDE with assistance from the Education Excellence Awards panel where necessary. Eventual nominations (full applications) must be accompanied by a supportive statement from the Principal.

To find out more, please book into an online Informal Q&A session: Tuesday 19th October 10.00-11.00, or Monday 25th October, 11.00-12.00.

Read about the NTF and CATE schemes on the Advance HE website.

NTFS Roadshows:

Facilitated by ANTF Committee Events co-ordinator, Professor Debbie Holley and Advance HE Fellowship and Awards Adviser Dr Holly Earl, these webinars will offer insights and guidance through the NTFS application process.


NTFS Roadshows

Webinar One: Thinking about a NTFS application

Wednesday 3rd November 2021 12.00-13:00

This first webinar will cover the new guidance for institutes and individuals, highlight useful Advance HE resources, and include new award winners and ‘old’ hands sharing their journey to NTF.

Webinar Two: A conversation with successful NTFs

Tuesday 7th December 2021

13.00 -14:00

This second webinar will offer a brief re-cap of the scheme and highlight updates.  It will also feature some personal journeys from existing National Teaching Fellows. There will be plenty of time to ask our panel questions.

Webinar Three:  Polishing your application: Institutional/Individual perspectives

Tuesday 18th January 2022


This third webinar will briefly re-cap the previous two sessions, and the panel will include a representative responsible for staff development in our institutions, to offer the institutional viewpoint about the scheme, as well as successful NTFs happy to share their experiences.


CATE Roadshows:

Facilitated by CATE-Net Lead, Professor Mark O’Hara and Advance HE Fellowship and Awards Adviser Dr Holly Earl, each webinar will offer an overview of the Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) and guidance on the application process for those interested in applying.  


CATE Roadshows

The CATE webinar will be repeated on three dates.  Each session will include a brief introduction to CATE and an overview of the professional and institutional benefits.  The CATE 2021-22 application process will be outlined and there will be practical guidance and suggestions from previous CATE winners, plus time for question and answers.

Tuesday 2nd November 2021 13.00-14.00

Wednesday 8th December 2021  11.00-12.00

Tuesday 11th January 2022  12.00-13.00


St George’s Awards and Principal’s Prizes for Education Excellence 2020-21

These Awards and Prizes are designed to recognise and celebrate at institutional level the contributions made by individuals and teams to the enhancement of students’ educational experience at St George’s. They recognise excellence and endeavour in all the dimensions of education, from teaching and course design to learner support, supervision and resources development. They are intended to encourage inquiring, reflective and evidence-informed approaches to educational excellence, including a commitment to inclusive practice. The Team Awards acknowledge the fact that achieving positive educational change and outcomes is often the result of collaborative effort across teams of people, including students. Teams are not always formally constituted and can include people from different areas and with different roles, collaborating together to enhance students’ educational experience.

Awards: Up to 10 awards will be made across St George’s: the four Institutes – Molecular and Clinical Sciences, Infection and Immunology, Population Health, and Medical and Biomedical Education, the Centre for Allied Health and others who teach and support St George’s students within the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education and within Professional Services.

Please note: Previous award-winners are not eligible to make a fresh application within three years of winning the award (so a 2019-20 winner can not reapply until 2022-23). However, previous Individual Award winners can apply as part of a team, or members of a previous award-winning team can apply as individuals.

St George’s Individual Award winners will receive £200

St George’s Team Award winners will receive up to £1000 (depending on the size of team).

Prizes:  From the Award winners, where there is exceptional contribution to excellence and enhancement and strong potential for transferability and wider impact, Principal’s Prizes mayalso be awarded. Principal’s Prizes will be an additional £200 for individuals and £500 for teams.

Award and Prize money should be used for educational development and research activity. 


All staff - academic and professional services, part- or full-time - are eligible to apply, as individuals or within teams. Applications should be on the basis of a nomination or nominations from a fellow staff member, student or student group.


Applications should be made by the individual or team using the forms downloadable from this page. Applications are made on the basis of self-nomination, or nomination by other another staff member, or by individual or groups of students. The nominator is required to write a short account of their reasons for making the nomination and this is included in the form.  A statement of support from the Head of the relevant Institute, Faculty or Directorate is also required.  We also ask for the names of up to three students who can endorse the work described in the application.


Award decisions are made by a panel chaired by the Deputy Principal (Education) and consisting of:  Dean for Students, Associate Director of Information Services (Library and Learning Services), Associate Dean for Access and Participation, Associate Dean for Student Experience,  FHSCE Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, Head of Centre for innovation and Development in Education, Head of Centre for Technology in Education, Director of PGCert Healthcare and Biomedical Education.

If you have any questions please contact:

Award winners 2021

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Education Excellence Awards
  • Anatomy Education: Georga Longhurst
  • Developing an online placement in Psychiatry: Isabel Mark
  • Online education design in Diagnostic Radiography: Michael Dean
  • Supportive leadership of the medical programmes team: Hannah Cock
  •  Interactive teaching in Psychiatry: Charlotte Turner
  •  Attention to accessibility and student well-being in the Therapeutic Radiography programme: Lauren Fantham
  •  Active learning in statistics and epidemiology education: Alicja Rudnicka
  •  Active learning design: Iain Greenwood


  •  Strategic leadership and support for online education: CTiE & LTS
  •  Curriculum innovation, for the module 'Finding a Leg to Stand on': Deborah Padfield and Annie Bartlett
  •  Curriculum design, for the MSc Translational Medicine module 'Clinical Trials': Sile Molloy, Louise Hill and Jack Adams
  •  Innovation, creativity and evaluation in Clinical Communications teaching: Clinical Communication Teams (MBBS)
  •  Online small group teaching: PBL tutors
  •  Values-based and inclusive approach to admissions: Admissions

Awards winners 2020

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Education Excellence Awards

  • Student-centred Teaching and Welfare: Professor Anthony Albert, Institute of Molecular & Clinical Sciences
  • Research-inspired Teaching and Learning: Dr Alexis Bailey, Centre for Biomedical Science in IMBE
  • Leadership and Innovation in Assessment: Dr James Buckley, Centre for Biomedical Education in IMBE
  • Careers Development Education: Dr Androulla Elia, Centre for Biomedical Education in IMBE
  • Programme Leadership: Julie Hendry, Department of Radiography, FHSCE
  • Assessment Innovation and Enhancement: Andrew Hitchings, Centre for Clinical Education in IMBE
  • Clinical Teaching and Simulation in Paramedic Science: David Parr, Department of Paramedic Science, FHSCE
  • Leadership of the Student Voice: Beth Ward, Vice-President for Education and Welfare, Student Union
  • Collaborative Programme Design and Innovation: Clinical Pharmacology development team — Professors Emma Baker and Iain Greenwood, Bryony Williams (CTiE), Errol Lobo, and Drs Mark Preece, Jennifer Stott, Dagan Lonsdale, Christopher Threapleton, Catrin Page, and Moyo Kuku
  • Curriculum Design, for the module “Primary Care: Complexity and Diversity”: Drs Emma Metters and Nicola Buxton, Centre for Clinical Education in IMBE
Principal's Prize
Two Principal’s Prizes were awarded: one to Dr James Buckley, for Outstanding Contribution to Education, and the other for Staff-Student Partnership in Inclusive Teaching and Learning to a Centre for Clinical Education team: Shehla Baig, Pedro Elston, Margot Turner, Peter Tamony, and Robert Nagaj, together with students Adrian Crawford, Malone Mukwende, and Jonathan Tugbobo for their collaborative work across two inclusive curriculum projects.


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