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National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) and Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence (CATE) are highly competitive prestigious external awards made annually by Advance HE that recognise excellence in education and the learner experience as well as impact beyond the immediate academic or professional area.  

As an Advance HE membership organisation St George’s is eligible to nominate three individuals for National Teaching Fellowships, and one team for a Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence each year.

We are currently seeking nominees to be put forward by St George’s in March 2024


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Are you a potential institutional nominee?

For potential National Teaching Fellow nominees, you will need to able to answer the following questions with outstanding and sustained examples:

  • Do you have evidence of your contribution to the enhancement of student outcomes in your context?
  • Has your work received internal and/or external recognition of your impact?
  • Do you have evidence of your influence on the development of higher education learning and teaching practice and/or practitioners?
  • Do you have evidence of your ongoing engagement with your own professional development as an educator?
  • Can you demonstrate how your own learning from your professional development has impacted on student outcomes or your peers?

For potential Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence nominees, you will need to able to answer the following questions with outstanding and sustained examples:

  • Are you part of an established or one-off team that has enabled a change in practice for colleagues and/or students at an institutional, or discipline level?
  • Do you have evidence of excellence in your team’s approach to working collaboratively?
  • Do you have evidence of the team’s impact on teaching and learning?
  • Has the team received internal and/or external recognition of their impact?

Nationally the following staff groups are under-represented in nominations for both the individual and team awards:

  • Staff from a minority ethnic background
  • Part-time or fractional staff
  • Professional services staff
  • Staff with disabilities

We are keen to support nominations from colleagues in one or more of these groups across the St George’s academic and professional services community.

What does being nominated involve?

Nominees will need to develop a full application by the March 2024 deadline. The application will need to show evidence of Reach, Value and Impact in relation to particular criteria

For NTF applications, the three criteria are:

1: Individual excellence      Evidence of enhancing and transforming student outcomes and/or the teaching profession; demonstrating impact commensurate with the individual’s context and the opportunities afforded by it.

2: Raising the profile of excellence      Evidence of supporting colleagues and influencing support for student learning and/or the teaching profession; including demonstrating impact and engagement beyond the nominee’s immediate academic or professional role.

3: Developing excellence       Show the nominee’s commitment to and impact of ongoing professional development with regard to teaching and learning and/or learning support

For CATE applications, the two criteria are:

1: Excellence in the team’s collaborative approach         Evidence of excellence in the team’s approach to working collaboratively, commensurate with their context and the opportunities afforded by it.

2: Excellence in the impact of collaborative working       Evidence of the team having a demonstrable impact on teaching and learning, including beyond their immediate academic or professional area

Your writing process and eventual submission will be supported by the CIDE team who will encourage you to work to deadlines for a first and second draft in order to meet the Advance HE deadline.

Eventual nominations must be accompanied by a supportive statement from the Vice-Chancellor.

CATE: Wednesday 06 March 2024 12:00 (GMT)

NTFS: Wednesday 13 March 2024 12:00 (GMT)

How do I express interest in being nominated?

If you or your team are interested in being nominated by St George’s we would love to hear from you. Please complete an Expression of Interest form for either NTF (Word) or CATE (Word) and email it by Sunday 19th November 2023 to: and copy  

To make an informal enquiry please contact

Expressions of Interest will be considered by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) with assistance from members of CIDE. If you are not selected as a nominee this year, you will receive feedback that we hope will support and encourage you to maintain interest in being a future nominee.  

Recent award recipients

Congratulations to recent St George’s nominees who were successful in achieving the award of National Teaching Fellow:

Katie Pavoni        (2023)

Jonathan Round          (2023)

Dr Andrew Hitchings (2022)

Professor Kate Tatton-Brown (2021)

Find out more

Please follow these links to find out more about the Awards:


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