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Staff development are offering two workshops to support managers and staff in returning to site following feedback from staff through a range of university forums, groups and networks.

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Returning to campus conversations - for managers

Friday 30th July (9.30am – 12.30pm).  Facilitator: John Dibble

Tuesday 24th August (9.30am – 12.30pm). Facilitator: John Dibble

 As restrictions ease staff are being asked to work in a blended manner and return to campus for part of their working week. We recognise that for some this is a great opportunity while for others this may provoke strong feelings of anxiety and practical challenges.

This half day programme aims to explore:

  • The role of the line manager and skills required in assisting staff to make this transition
  • The challenges managers may have in being inclusive and fair to all team members

By the end of this short course participants will:

  •  Have discussed current challenges for staff in being asked to move to a blended way of working
  • Identified practical steps managers can take in supporting staff to change where they work
  • Developed strategies for delivering the message at team meetings
  • Be able to structure a solution focussed conversation using the GROW model to explore ways of addressing individual challenges in returning to campus
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Come back with confidence – for everyone

Wednesday 28th July (9.30am – 12.30pm). Facilitator = Louise Shepherd

Wednesday 25th August (1.30pm – 4.30pm).  Facilitator = Ruth Webster

After more than a 16 months working mainly or exclusively from home, staff are being asked to return to working on campus for at least some of the week.  While some people can’t wait for this to happen, other people may feel anxious about what it will mean for them as they navigate their way through this significant change.  This 3 hour workshop will explore the different reactions that we have, examine ways to manage ourselves through this change and identify steps we can take to maximise our resilience and energy.  We will also consider ways to reconnect with sensitivity with other members of staff who may have had very different experiences to our own during the pandemic.


By the end of the session participants will:

  • Be able to apply the Bridges model of transitions to themselves, understand the different reactions of others and considered what actions they can take to manage themselves through the transition
  • Identified actions to boost their wellbeing
  •  Have practiced listening with empathy and considered how to reconnect with team members and other staff
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