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As the UK’s specialist health university, St George’s is co-located with the university hospital and, as such, we have a duty towards patients, as well as to staff, students and visitors. 

The University wishes to continue to make efforts to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and to ensure that its staff and students are protected to the highest possible standards particularly in light of new variants of the virus.   

Face masks and PPE equipment 

Therefore, following the University recommendation, Type II masks are required on campus, including lecture theatres and teaching rooms, in clinical and lab settings unless you are medically exempt. If you wish to wear a face mask anywhere else on site, for example in open plan offices, please feel able to do so.  

What is a Type II surgical (medical) face mask? 

These are mainly designed to be worn in medical settings to limit the spread of infection. They are resistant to droplets of fluids and splashes. These masks are manufactured to a recognised standard and must meet the design and safety requirements of the Medical Device Regulations (MDD/MDR) and be CE marked before they can be sold in the UK.  

Where are these available on campus? 

Face masks can be collected from the following points on site: Hunter Wing, Reception Desk (staff, students and visitors), Hunter Wing, Library (staff and students), Jenner Wing, Site Services (Staff). 

PPE equipment 

For some Laboratory spaces specific operating procedures will be put in place and this may include additional PPE requirements.  Staff and students should ensure that they have read and adhere to the guidance for these areas.   

St George’s Hospital 

All visitors must wear face coverings whilst on a hospital site.  All hospital staff are now required to wear surgical masks.   

If you use a hospital entrance and walk through the hospital, you will be seen as a visitor and will be required to wear a face covering.  Type II surgical masks are available for collection at hospital entrances. 

University students and staff entering clinical facilities for work/placement purposes will be required to use surgical masks and should adhere to local guidance. 

Office environments 

Where the area meets room occupancy recommendations (assessed on ventilation requirements) you do not need to wear a face mask. Room occupancy is indicated on the door and in the local area risk assessment. However, we encourage all staff to act with caution particularly in shared office spaces. If you wish to wear a face mask in open plan offices, please feel able to do so. 

We will keep this guidance under review. 

Updated: October 2021

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