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Action on detection of a fire 

  • If you detect a fire, you must use the quickest way to go to a red fire alarm call point. As fires can move extremely quickly, the route markings and social distancing guidelines can be ignored. 

  • Activate the fire alarm by lifting the cover of the call point and then pushing the centre of the panel firmly. 

  • If possible, call security on 0208 725 0909 or internally on 0909 from a place of safety, to inform them that a fire has occurred and its location.  

  • Do not put yourself at risk. 

  • Having activated the fire alarm, you should follow the standard evacuation procedure outlined below. 

Action on hearing the fire alarm 

  • On hearing the fire alarm, you must evacuate from the building using the nearest staircase. Never evacuate using the lifts. 

  • Do not return to the office to gather your belongings. 

  • As fires can move extremely rapidly, you should move as quickly as possible without crowding the person in front of you. It may not be possible to maintain social distancing while evacuating the building. 

  • Once outside the building you must go to a fire assembly points while maintaining social distancing where possible 

  • If the assembly point has become crowded, move to another area. You should follow the directions of the fire marshals. If you wish to leave the area, please inform someone that you are moving away / going home.  If a fire marshal is not present this can also be done by contacting security on 0208 725 0909. 

  • This will help maintain the safety of security and the members of the London Fire Brigade should they need to enter the building. 

  • Do not linger directly in front of the building where the alarm is sounding and do not stand in the road as other people will not be aware that the fire alarm has sounded. 

  • Do not re-enter the building until the all clear has been given either by the fire marshals, security or the London Fire Brigade Officer in Command. 

  • When re-entering the building you must follow the social distancing guidelines and not crowd the person in front of you. 


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