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The following guidance and information applies to all staff, students, visitors and contractors who are on the university premises either in Hunter and Jenner Wings, the Halls of Residence and the Sports centre.

The guidance for wearing of face coverings has changed during the current Covid-19 Pandemic in line with the new National Restriction period starting on 5 November 2020. Current general guidance is available  here. New guidance for higher education can be found here. You are expected to wear a face covering immediately before entering any of these settings and must keep it on until you leave.

Please note that this guidance has recently been expanded to include new areas and may change

Public transport 

The use of face coverings on all public transport is now compulsory


All visitors must wear face coverings whilst on a hospital site.  All hospital staff are now required to wear surgical masks.  

If you use a hospital entrance and walk through the hospital, you will be seen as a visitor and will be required to wear a face covering.  

University students and staff entering clinical facilities for work/placement purposes will be required to use surgical masks. 


Face coverings are now required in shops and where food or drink is purchased at a take-away outlet. 

St George’s University areas – Hunter and Jenner Wings  

St George’s University has put in place measures to reasonably manage the risk in these areas.   The guidance applies to all learning environments such as teaching rooms, library, laboratories offices and other areas that may be entered by the public, NHS Trust staff and University staff. 

Public areas 

  • Government guidance indicates that you should wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet. Therefore, you must wear face coverings in all common parts spaces of the University, this includes, the main Foyers, The Street, Library, Common Rooms, the Halls of Residence (but not individual flats). 

Learning environments and laboratories

  • Once inside your learning environment be that a teaching space, library or laboratory, face coverings must be worn at all times unless otherwise advised. National Restriction guidance. For some Laboratory spaces specific operating procedures will be put in place and this may include additional face masks/PPE requirements.  Staff and students should ensure that they have read and adhere to the guidance for these areas.

Office environments

  • Where the area meets Covid-secure guidelines and 2m distancing can be maintained you are not required to wear a face covering.   However, if 2m distancing cannot be maintained, face coverings must be worn in accordance with the Government 1m+ rule and new National Restrictions guidelines for Higher Education (see FAQs here). 

You must observe social distancing requirements (2m/1m+) even when wearing face coverings. 

After travelling, especially on public transport, it is essential that you wash your hands thoroughly before starting work. 

Further information can be found here  social distancing guidance (see FAQ’s here also). 

Instruction on how to make your own face coverings can be found on the Government web site here

Face Masks and Face Coverings

Face Coverings

In the context of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, a face covering is something which safely covers the nose and mouth. You can buy reusable or single-use face coverings. You may also use a scarf, bandana, religious garment or hand-made cloth covering but these must securely fit round the side of the face.

Face coverings intended for use by the general public are not PPE or medical devices. As such they do not carry a CE mark and should not be sold or donated as PPE or medical devices.

Face Masks

Surgical (medical) face masks

These are mainly intended for health care staff to wear to protect patients during surgical procedures and other medical settings. If you make a surgical mask, intended to protect the patient, they are Class I medical devices. They must meet the design and safety requirements of the Medical Device Regulations (MDD/MDR) and be CE marked before you can sell them in the UK.

Face masks intended to protect the wearer (PPE)

If your masks are intended to protect the wearer, they are regulated as personal protective equipment and need to meet the regulations covering PPE products. They will need a notified body to verify the relevant requirements are met. They are not medical devices.

We will keep this guidance under review. 


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