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You will see some changes on site, which we have implemented in line with our detailed institutional risk assessment (PDF) to minimise the risks of transmitting coronavirus. 

We have:

  • Put up signage for social distancing and established one-way routes on site. 

  • Followed the Government’s Covid-19 Secure guidelines to make the University’s work and study spaces as safe as possible.

  • Established socially-distanced teaching facilities, which will only be open when in use.

  • Provided specific flats in halls of residence where students can self-isolate, if needed. Supplies will also be made available to students self-isolating to minimise their contact with others.

Frequently asked questions

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How can I access the library?

The library and computer rooms are open.

Both click and collect and browse and borrow services for print books are available. Please check the library website for details.

The library opening hours are:

  • Monday - Friday, 8am-11pm (staffed hours 8am-4pm, security only 4pm-11pm)
  • Saturday - Sunday, 9am-9pm (security only).

Computer rooms are open:

  • Monday - Friday, 6am - 11pm
  • Saturday - Sunday, 6am - 9pm.

Access to the computer rooms is via the lift lobby.

Capacity for silent study and PC use is limited and no group space or discussion rooms are available for group or personal study. When you attend the library you will need to keep to the left to enable the flow of users. Social distancing is required in all spaces within the library and computer rooms, to facilitate this some desks will be closed and clearly marked and should not be used. Social distancing guidance can be found here.

Face masks must be worn in the library.

Limited help is available from the Library Helpdesk at the front end and the library and computer rooms can only be used for silent activities.

Regular patrols are taking place to ensure that users are adhering to guidelines.

Is the Student Life Centre onsite in the new term?

The Student Life Centre will offer a combination of remote and in-person services in the new term. In-person services are due to resume from 24 August. The 6th Floor Student Centre desks will continue to run a remote-only service.

Advice sessions, including disability, student finance and accommodation will continue to be held online in the new term. The Student Life Centre front desk will also continue to be available by phone and online, 9am to 5pm, during the week at or on 0203 897 2033.

The SLC front desk will be physically open for enrolment and induction activities and offer a limited in-person service during the rest of term.

To reduce contact, students are being asked to make letter requests and submit forms for completion online via our web pages or wherever possible.  These will be completed and returned electronically.

Please try to plan in advance if you have documents that require completion in hard copy. There may be a delay before we can safely handle your documents or return them to you.

Please note, we ask that everyone visiting the SLC in person wears a face covering and observes the social distance signage.

Can I use the Welfare Room?

The Welfare Room is located on H2 next to the Counselling Service and Pret a Manger. The room is used by parents to change or feed their children, by those needing to store and take specific medication, and by disabled students needing a quiet rest area. Access can be arranged via Students Union Office or by contacting the Student Life Centre.

We ask that only one user (or family group) use the Welfare Room at a time. Please observe and use the ‘occupied’ sign on the door.

Please use hand sanitiser and wipes provided.

Please don’t use the room if you are feeling unwell. There are alternative facilities for staff and students who become ill on site.

We ask that users prioritise others’ needs as well as their own and manage their time in the Welfare Room as efficiently as is comfortable. Please think twice before taking an extended rest in the room.

Which Students' Union facilities are open?

The SU Office is open 10am – 2pm, Monday – Wednesday.

The SU Shop is now open. The opening hours are 9am – 4pm. The following restrictions are in place:

  • Face masks/coverings must be worn
  • Maximum of 10 people permitted in the store at any one time
  • Hand sanitiser available on entry

The SU Bar is now open. For everyone’s safety, the capacity in the bar has been reduced to enable social distancing and the following guidelines are in place:

  • Entry to the bar is via the boardroom corridor and exit is via the out of hours staircase, and the Students’ Union corridor
  • The QR code must be scanned prior to entering the bar
  • The bar is available to small groups only, with a maximum of 6 people per group. Seating has been arranged according to social distancing guidelines. Please do not move the tables and chairs.
  • The bar is accepting walk ups only. Bookings will not be taken
  • Social distancing must be practised at all times. Face masks do not have to be worn whilst seated but should be worn when leaving the table
  • Sanitising stations are provided in the bar and at the entrance. Please use these on entrance and exit and regularly whilst in the bar
  • The bar is operating a table service only and drinks should be ordered via the Hopt app, which is available to download on Google Play and the AppStore.

Last orders must be placed on the app by 10.45pm.

The bar will be open Wednesdays and Thursdays 5pm – 11pm and Fridays 4pm – 11pm

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to the SU Bar!

Students’ Union contacts:

Sarah Jones – Acting President and VP Ed & Welfare -

Ethan Osborn - Acting VP Student Activities and Experience -

Michelle Campbell - SU Office Manager -

Lon Teija - Education and Welfare Support Officer -

Ogor Babundo - General Secretary -

Tim Sice - Chief Operating Officer -

If you have any questions relating to the Students’ Union provisions, please contact the Students’ Union, more information can be found here.

What’s happening to the Robert Lowe sports centre?

The sports centre is currently closed.

Is there a new visitor process?
How best should I ventilate my office/teaching space?

To improve ventilation to our work/teaching spaces it is recommended that windows are opened. Where this is not possible it is recommended that doors to rooms should be left open (unless they are fire doors). If staff have any concerns they should contact the estates helpdesk via email on or by phone on ext 1234 option 2.

When I return to site, is there guidance on how to safely use specific spaces?

Yes, please follow the room usage guidance posted on the doors of shared facilities and any risk assessments or SOPs associated with specific spaces. This includes specific occupancy numbers in some cases.

Please also refer to the personal safety and social distancing guidance and the FAQs for using the library.

For everyone's safety, it is very important that you adhere to these guidelines and breaches will not be tolerated. For further guidance the Key Principles of returning to site can be found here.

A handy pocket guide on social distancing and returning to site can be found here (PDF). A large-font version is also available here (PDF).


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