We pride ourselves on a fair application process where applicants are assessed on their potential to succeed as a medical or healthcare professional regardless of their background.

Doctors walking in corridor

By selecting applicants on their potential for success in their chosen profession we work to ensure fair access across all of the University’s courses. This is achieved by regular review of admissions procedures and rigorous training of selection staff. However it is for our work with contextualised assessment and the Adjusted Criteria scheme that we are best known. By considering the context in which an applicant achieved their educational qualifications, rather than against a national average, we are better able to identify potential.

In practice this means that students from poorer performing schools who are towards the top of their class are given due consideration in the admissions process, and can enter St George’s with lower grades.

Research has shown that our Adjusted Criteria students are successful in medicine, so we have expanded the scheme across other undergraduate courses, including Biomedical Science, Physiotherapy and Healthcare Science.

The entry requirement pages of our undergraduate courses provide full details of the Adjusted Criteria scheme and a list of eligible schools.

Last Updated: Thursday, 19 April 2018 16:54