The Quality Manual brings together comprehensive information about our quality processes (the measures and checks on our teaching and assessment).

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The Manual, which came into effect on 1 October 2016, was prepared by the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee and approved by Senate in June 2016. The procedures described in the Manual apply to all programmes that lead to University of London or St George’s awards.

Quality Manual 2016/17

All links in the Quality Manual lead to MS Word doc/docx format files unless otherwise stated. Printed copies of the Manual are available on request.

The 2016/17 Quality Manual includes several changes from 2015/16. For a summary of the changes, download this document (PDF).

Introduction (Word)

Section A
Validation (Word)
          Appendix A1: Advice to monitoring committees on delegated authority (Word)
          Appendix A2: Initial proposal form 15-16 (Word)
          Appendix A4: List of panel chairs (Word)
          Appendix A5: Fees (Word)
          Appendix A7: Module template (Word)
          Appendix A9: SGUL Questionnaire for Chair and or Panel members (Word)
          Appendix A10: SGUL Questionnaire for Course Director and or Dean(Word)
          Appendix A11: Programme Closure form (Word)
          Appendix A12: Course Changes and Closures - Good Practice (PDF)

Section B
Programme & module monitoring (Word)
          Appendix B1: Sample module report form (PDF)
          Appendix B2: Annual programme report form (Word)
          Appendix B3: Annual programme report form - guidance notes for completion (Word)

Section C
Periodic Review (Word)
          Appendix C1: ReviewReview Schedule Schedule (PDF)
          Appendix C2: Periodic review - briefing note for students (PDF)
          Appendix C3: Evidence Grid - working document for PR panel members (Word)

Section D
Modifications (PDF)
          Appendix D1: FHSCE form changes (Word)
          Appendix D2: Course Changes and Closures - good practice (PDF)

Section E:
Collaborative provision (PDF)
         Appendix CP1: Collaborative Provision Checklist (Word)
         Appendix CP2: Collaborative Provision Due Diligence Checklist (Word)
         Appendix CP3: Collaborative Provision LIaison Document (Word)
         Appendix CP4: Collaborative Provision Allocation of Responsibilities Template (Word)

Section F
Internal Quality Audit (Word)

Section G
Programme and Module Handbooks (PDF)

Section H
Student Engagement (Word)
          Appendix H1: Student Involvement in Course Committees (Word)
          Process for consideration of NSS results (jpg image)

Section I
Assessment (Word)
          Appendix I1 EE reports procedures (Word)
          Appendix I2 Feedback Policy (Word)

Section J
Programme Specifications (PDF)
          Appendix J1 - Programme specifications template (Word)
          Appendix J2 - Programme specification guidance notes for completion of template (Word)

Section K
Quality Assurance of MBBS Placements (Word)

Section L
Recognition of Prior Learning (Word)

Section M
Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) engagement (Word)

Misc Docs
Abbreviations (Word)
Glossary (Word)
List of appendices (Word)
Quality Manual - supplementary docs (Word)


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