Our FOI Disclosure Log is in the process of being reviewed alongside our FOI Publication Scheme.

Freedom of Information requests and disclosures provide St George's with an indication of how we might expand what we publish about the organisation, to improve our transparency and communications.

This page highlights a sample of our disclosures from academic year 2018-2019, and some of our more frequent topics and/or interesting enquiries received in the past year.

August 2018  Conditional offers (EU)   
September 2018          Gender Balance and student withdrawals          
November 2018  Slave trade and ethnicity in universities 
December 2018  UCU Annual Survey
   Ethnicity of students
January 2019  EU Settlement scheme
   Mental health counselling
February 2019  GAMSAT scoring
April 2019  Brexit impact
May 2019  Sexual misconduct
June 2019  

 The Disclosure Log will be expanded in 2019-2020, and statistics on the performance of St George's in FOI compliance will be published in line with the recently published FOI Code of Practice (Cabinet Office July 2018).


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