The Equality Act (2010) gives protection from discrimination to a person who has proposed, started or completed a process to change their sex. The Act also removes the need for a person transitioning to be under medical supervision to benefit from legal protection and protects people from discrimination by association because of gender reassignment.


Gender reassignment

St George's is a member of GIRES (the Gender Identity, Research and Education Society).

We have practical experience of supporting both staff and students who have chosen to reassign their gender while working or studying here. We are fully committed to being guided by the wishes of the individual at all stages of the process. A designated staff member is assigned to liaise with the individual and will have overall responsibility for ensuring all pre-agreed plans are implemented smoothly.


Read our Gender Identity Policy

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Support is provided to trans staff through the lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender (LGBT) staff engagement network and to trans students via the LGBT student society.


Beaumont Society

As well as being a support network, the Society promotes better understanding of transgender, transvestism and gender dysphoria.

The Gender Identity and Research and Education Society

Initiates, promotes and supports research, particularly to address the needs of those in whom there is a strong and ongoing desire to live and be accepted in the gender in which they identify, although different from that assigned at birth.

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