We're proud of our diverse staff and student body and we're committed to creating a positive working and learning environment where all people are treated with dignity and respect.

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The nine strands of equality

There are nine protected characteristics identified in the Equality Act 2010 and you can read about the programmes of work we have in place to ensure that we're encouraging equality across each of them:

Equality objectives and the Single Equality Scheme 

We have a responsibility to make sure our policies, practices, procedures and other functions are not discriminatory and have established equality objectives and a Single Equality Scheme, designed to help us achieve this.

Public Sector Equality Duty Disclosures

As part of the Public Sector Equality Duty for England all higher education institutions are obliged to openly publish certain equality and diversity information. St George's has gathered data in accordance with the suggested template from the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU).

Read our most recent Equality Data for Students and Staff

Equality and Diversity Committee

The Equality and Diversity Committee considers all issues of equality and diversity at St George’s, including issues arising from employee and student affairs. It makes recommendations for changes in our policy, and oversees equality and diversity issues at St George’s, reporting regularly into our Council.

The Equality and Diversity Adviser promotes equality and diversity at St George's and can advise on equality and diversity legislation, policy and best practice. This includes advising staff and students within the institution on equalities matters. This may mean that occasionally, the Equality and Diversity Adviser may be privy to confidential information from more than one source.

The adviser will treat all disclosures in strictest confidence unless a) the person concerned gives consent to break confidentiality; b) there is a need to prevent risk of serious harm to the individual or others, or c) they are required by law or ordered by a Court to disclose information.

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