Grants and bursaries

Non-repayable grants and bursaries

You may be eligible to apply for non-repayable grants from the government or the National Scholarship Programme at St George's, depending on your household income.

Non-repayable grants and bursaries are available for students from England. Students who normally live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland will receive financial support for university from the Scottish Government, the Welsh Assembly Government or the Northern Ireland Executive (as appropriate).

Government grants

  • Available to help with living costs such as food, accommodation and travel
  • If your household income is up to £25,000 you will be entitled to a full grant, of £3,250, which you won’t have to pay back.
  • If your household income is between £25,000 and £42,600 you would be entitled to a grant of between £50 and £3,250 which you won’t have to pay back.

Look at the table on the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills website to find the kind of support on offer to students living away from home, based on household income.

The National Scholarship Programme

You may be eligible for a National Scholarship award. The National Scholarship Programme (NSP) is an initiative aimed at low-income students and funded by both the Government and universities/colleges.

St George’s, University of London intends to award its full National Scholarship Programme award to all home undergraduate students who have a residual household income of below £25,000, although not all those with incomes below this level will receive an award. Please contact our finance advisors on for further advice.

Students eligible for this award will also need to have taken their full entitlement of funding via Student Finance England. Students in this category will receive in their first year of study, a means tested award of £3000 (for students living in halls of residence, £1000 of this will be a reduction off their accommodation fees)

In subsequent years (and whilst in receipt of funding via Student Finance England) students will continue to receive an award of £500.00.

Students with a household income of between £25,001 and £42,600 will also receive a partial means tested award of between £500 and £100. This will be awarded in their first and subsequent years of study (again whilst in receipt of funding via Student Finance England).

Students will be assessed for the NSP, based on the financial information given on their funding application to Student Finance England. You will receive a separate award notice from them once your cash scholarship has been approved for payment by St George's. Payment of the award will be made by BACS into the same account as nominated in their Student Finance England application; this will be paid out in two instalments (50 per cent in February and 50 per cent in May).

Please make sure that you and your sponsors have given Student Finance England consent to share your/their financial with the university. If this is not given we will be unable to approve your scholarship for payment.

You will be notified of any tuition fee waiver and reduction to your accommodation fees directly from St George's and once you have commenced your studies here.

Awards for 2012/13 will be allocated according to assessed household income and to care leavers. Awards for 2013/14 will be allocated to the following priority groups:

  • Students with a household income of £42,600 or less.
  • Is a single parent
  • Is from a single parent family
  • Has attended an SGUL Spring or Summer School and made a successful application to study here (please note that this does not include University of London ‘Taste of Medicine’ Spring or Summer Schools)


Students have the right to appeal if they are not satisfied with how the NSP has been assessed. Please address your appeal in writing to:

The Director of Student Services
St George’s, University of London
Cranmer Terrace
London, SW17 0RE

Any appeal must be made within four weeks from the date of the original decision (this will be indicated on the award letter you receive from Student Finance England).

Disabled students, carers and parents

If you are disabled, caring for someone or have children, you may be eligible for additional funding. Visit the Direct Gov website for further information.


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