Biography - Professor Paul Andrews

Professor Paul Andrews

Name: Professor Paul Andrews
Position: Emeritus Professor of Comparative Physiology

Tel: +44(0)208 725 5395

Research interests

Nausea, vomiting, emesis, 3Rs, gastrointestinal physiology, comparative physiology, cancer chemotherapy.


I am Emeritus Professor of Comparative Physiology at St George’s University of London. Prior to this I studied Physiology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of Sheffield prior to obtaining lectureships at the University of Edinburgh and St George’s, Hospital Medical School.

My research over the past 25 years has focused on the pre-clinical neuropharmacology of vomiting and nausea with particular emphasis on this side effect of anti-cancer chemotherapy and the role of the vagus nerve. I have worked on the site(s) of the anti-emetic action of 5-HT3 and NK1 receptor antagonists in conjunction with colleagues in industry. Recent work (with Prof Rudd, Hong Kong) has focused on the use of telemetry to monitor changes in gut function associated with emesis in the ferret as part of refinement of models.

I have a long standing interest in comparative physiology of the digestive tract and I am particularly interested in the differences between rodents and other species limiting their utility as models for human diseases (with Prof Sanger, QMUL).

I gave the 2008 Paget Memorial Lecture of the Research Defence Society on “Translating the 3Rs in complex physiological systems” and the 2009 Sydenham Lecture of the Society of Apothecaries on “A brief history of vomiting: The first 700million years”.

Current work is investigating the potential use of databases (with Dr Percie du Sert, NC3Rs, UK) and non-sentient organisms to identify emetic liability of potential new drugs (with Dr R Williams, RHUL). I am also involved in a study to identify the brain areas in humans involved in the sensation of nausea (led by Prof Q. Aziz at QMUL)