Biography - Professor Dorothy Bennett

Professor Dorothy Bennett

Name: Professor Dorothy C Bennett
Position: Professor of Cell Biology & Head, Molecular Cell Sciences Research Centre
Research Institute: Cardiovascular & Cell Sciences

Tel: +44 (0)20 8725 5202/5212

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Bennett-Sviderskaya Laboratory


Cell senescence, melanoma, naevi, therapy, genetics, biology, melanocyte, skin, vitiligo, cell signalling, ageing


Professor Bennett and her research group currently focus on the genetics of pigmentary disorders, especially melanoma (pigmented skin cancer), a common, rapidly progressing and highly malignant cancer. They have a particular interest in cell senescence as an anti-cancer defence, and how cancer cells escape from this through common genetic changes. Her work informs the development of new treatments for these diseases. A recent interest is the role of cell senescence in ageing, and the potential of this understanding for alleviating symptoms and diseases of ageing.

Her doctoral work was with Professor Renato Dulbecco at the Cancer Research Fund London labs (now CRUK), identifying and characterising mammary stem cells. She continued this work as a postdoc with Professor Dulbecco at the Salk Institute , California and joined St George's in 1983 where she is currently Professor of Cell Biology.