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elearningeLearning innovations and research

Research within the eLearning Unit (eLU) investigates new, pioneering ways in which the latest technology can enhance St George’s teaching and learning resources, mainly through the use of virtual patients. The outcomes of these research investigations are integrated into St George’s courses to ensure our teaching remains cutting edge.

eLU has three distinct research and development groupings: e-innovation, curriculum development, and international projects, all of which attract grant funding.

Many of the projects aim to bring formerly paper-based learning scenarios to life in a more realistic and interactive environment, including the virtual world Second Life. These virtual environments react to student decisions to enable them to learn from the consequences of their decisions. Other projects aim to increase the reach of our teaching, such as our YouTube clinical skills training channel, which enables practitioners all around the world to refresh specific clinical skills training at their convenience.

eLU collaborates  with approximately 30 educational institutions worldwide including Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), Johns Hopkins University (USA), MedBiquitous (USA) and the Open University.

The eLU is part of the Division of Population Health Sciences & Education. Further details on eLearning at St George's University of London.

You can contact the e-learning unit at:

e-Learning Unit (eLU)
Division of Population Health Sciences & Education
St George’s, University of London
Hunter Wing Level 6
Cranmer Terrace
London SW17 0RE
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 208 725 5813
Fax: +44 20 8725 0806
email: elu@sgul.ac.uk


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