Students take on staff in sumo charity challenge

 St George's students raised a huge amount for £42,695.22 for Charity Week this year - more per head than any other university participating.

The highlights included  Lecturer vs Lecturer sumo wrestling. The lecturers involved were Senior lecturer, Dr Axel Nohturfft and Dr Paris Ataliotis, Senior Lecturer in Developmental Genetics. Corey Briffa, SU President, also participated.

Other events included an Intersociety Quiz, a Charity Week Dinner and a treasure hunt. 

In total, the amount raised by a number of universities was £1,050,000. 

The money raised is going to Islamic Relief, who are an international non-profit organisation who have been operating for over 30  years, and the funding went to health and education projects in Syria, Bangladesh and Gaza as well as in refugee camps in Europe and Jordan. 

Spotlight on Science lecture on 18 January: The Law and Ethics of Assisted Suicide

Our first Spotlight on Science lecture of 2017 will be on the subject of the law and ethics of assisted suicide.

St George’s to provide TB expertise to a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded project

St George’s, University of London, will be directly collaborating in a far-reaching project with longstanding commercial partner QuantuMDx to further develop and test its diagnostic technologies for tuberculosis, which causes nearly three deaths every minute.

New study shows fewer aortic aneurysm repairs, more deaths in the UK versus the US

A new study has shown that surgeons in England operate significantly less often on aortic aneurysms in the population than in the US, and that the death rate here for the condition is over twice that in the States.

St George's former Principal honoured by University of London

Our former Principal, Professor Peter Kopelman, was honoured at a ceremony by the University of London this week to mark its Foundation Day.


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