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Annual Review

The Annual Review 2011 looks back at some of the most significant activities and events of the year. The best way to view the review is online at This will allow you to benefit from its full range of functionalities including videos and changing images. You can also download the annual review website and the annual review summary as pdf documents.

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Scientists discover how a killer fungus attacks HIV patients

Researchers have discovered that a type of white blood cell carries a deadly fungus into the brains of HIV positive patients, causing meningitis which kills more than 600,000 people a year.

Computer 'geeks' to gather at the university to improve the NHS

Self-proclaimed computer ‘geeks’ will come to St George’s, University of London, next month to discuss and explore ways the NHS should use new technology.

New survey launched into serious infection in babies

Researchers have launched a national study to see how common the potentially fatal bacterial infection Group B streptococcus is in UK and Irish babies.

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