Undergraduate application deadlines and UCAS Extra

We would recommend that you submit your application as early as possible and it is important that you meet the relevant deadline set by UCAS for submission:

  • 15 October of year prior to entry: Deadline for applications to Medicine (A100) and applications to any course at Oxford or Cambridge
  • 15 January of year of entry: Deadline for applications to all other courses including Biomedical Science and Physiotherapy.

If you submit an application after the relevant closing date you will not be given the same level of consideration as those applying before the deadline. For medicine courses your application will not be considered at all.

Some courses may enter into UCAS Extra if they have not filled all of their available places after the initial deadline. If you are not holding any offers you may be able to apply for another course through Extra between the end of February and the end of June. You should check the UCAS website or contact the Admissions Office to confirm whether a particular course is accepting applications through Extra.

Further information on UCAS Extra.

If you are unsuccessful in achievieng a place, or do not make an application in time, you may consider applying through Clearing. More details about the Clearing process.

Please note that Medicine does not accept applications through Clearing and that if you have been unsuccessful in achieving a place at St George's, you cannot apply for the same course through Clearing.

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