"We do all we can at St George's to transfer our skills and share our knowledge"

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The Enterprise Team are here to help with all aspects of interactions between business, St George’s NHS Healthcare Trust and St George’s, University of London.  We can assist with:

•    Intellectual property
•    Commercialisation of new ideas
•    Proof of concept funding
•    Grant support for technology development
•    Consultancy
•    Contract research

To contact the Enterprise team, please email or call on +44 20 8266 6477.


Cheap malaria drug could treat colorectal cancer effectively too, say experts

Medical experts say a common malaria drug could have a significant impact on colorectal cancer providing a cheap adjunct to current expensive chemotherapy.

Cannabis extract can have dramatic effect on brain cancer, says new research

Experts have shown that when certain parts of cannabis are used to treat cancer tumours alongside radiotherapy treatment the growths can virtually disappear.

New drug combination proposes fewer pills for TB patients

Research finds a new way to treat tuberculosis with fewer tablets than today’s recommended course of treatment.

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