Perineal assessment and repair following childbirth

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Perineal assessment and repair following childbirth: The FAB training method

This training DVD, aimed at midwives, student midwives and junior doctors, presents the FAB Training Method for Perineal Assessment and Repair Following Childbirth. The method will equip a trainee with knowledge and skills required to assess competently perineal trauma and suture the most common, uncomplicated tears.

How was the method developed?
The FAB training method developed as the result of collaboration between a specialist perineal midwife and midwifery lecturer Anna Bosanquet, and
urogynaecology consultant Michelle Fynes, who have worked together for many years at St George’s Hospital in London, managing childbirth related perineal trauma.

A graded approach to learning.
The method is based on the graded approach to skill acquisition, where new knowledge and skills are introduced step by step by gradually increasing the
level of difficulty and complexity. We recognize that assessing and suturing of perineal trauma is an advanced, multidimensional skill. The method identifies four dimensions for skill acquision, and supports a trainee to develop each of these domains: cognition, perception, action and emotion. 

DVD content

  • Anatomy of the female pelvic floor
  • Classification and assessment of perineal trauma
  • Performing an episiotomy
  • Learning to suture: surgical tools, rules and procedures; tying knots, interrupted and continuous suturing techniques
  • Carrying out perineal repair: evidence-based practice
  • Providing woman-centered care
  • Postnatal care of the perineum

How can I purchase the DVD?
The DVD costs £59.00 (special introductory price) and is available by post from St George’s, University of London. Please use the downloadable order form. Discounts are available for multiple orders.

Two DVD box set, running time: 2hrs 40mins.

For further information our contact details are below:

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